It’s all over folks

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Actually what I really mean is -it’s just begun.  D is now an officer in the United States Navy!  I had such a wonderful time in Rhode Island for his graduation and am so incredibly proud of him!   The weekend was great, I’m really glad I got to stay on base so I got to see D during the bits and spurts of his ever-changing schedule.  I arrived Wednesday and we were able to go to a local baseball game together – our first date in 3 months!  Thursday morning I had a class for new spouses and it was great getting to know some of the fellow wives/girlfriends.  D’s parents and nephews arrived that afternoon and we had a reception at the Officer’s club where I got to meet some more of D’s classmates and their families, his class officers, and his drill intructor.  Super early on Friday morning we got to watch a demonstration of their PT workouts and then his commissioning ceremony was in the afternoon. Luckily the ceremony wasn’t too long since we were sweltering in the heat, and I’m also thankful I had my Mary Poppins bag packed with an umbrella for shade, a small fan, water bottles, binoculars, camera with telephoto lens, sunglasses, and even yes, a selfie stick.  We had a great time exploring Newport and Boston, sailboating, and eating lots of ice cream with D’s family.

We were pretty stoked to come home to Portland, but let me tell you – reintegration: the struggle is real.  We have been stuffing ourselves with all sorts of yummy food and spending lots of time together, but it is no easy task going from living on your own to living with a man again (it is also no easy task going from living in military barracks to regular life with your spouse).  Oh and thanks Portland for the 100 degree weather, that always makes everything easier.  D has to cook his own food again.  No one is telling him what to do with his many hours of freedom.  I emote on a regular basis, something not allowed at OCS. There is a mess in the house that did not come from me.    And at the same time, someone neatly makes the bed every morning.  WEIRD.  Things are starting to feel normal again, but it is also just crazy that we’re actually in the military.  Sure, D joined the Navy months ago, but up until him coming home my life hasn’t changed too much other than him being gone.  Now it’s for real.  I have a military ID.  My husband puts on camouflage and combat boots every morning before he goes to work.  I have to figure out the hundreds of different systems it takes to complete a single task (like scheduling a move) when the government is in charge.  And in a few short months I will pack away my stuff, my business, and start the next decade of going where the Navy tells us to go and doing what the Navy tells us to do.  And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Tomorrow, you’re only a day away

I can’t believe it, but it’s finally here!  I can barely focus on anything this week – it definitely feels like its been the longest one yet. I did get to see the BlueAngels lots these last few days, which was pretty awesome but made me miss D even more.  Luckily we’ll get to see their show a gazillion times while in Pensacola.  I could not be more excited to get on a plane tomorrow for graduation!  I’m grateful to everyone who’s supported us over the last few months – we are sooo excited to be reunited and I am so incredibly proud of D.  Next time I post, he will be an officer in the United States Navy!  Insane!!!!

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I’m getting on a plane in less than a month!

I’m so excited for how close we are getting!  This is D’s last week of “rollable” events – he has another inspection Tuesday, another physical fitness assessment, and two finals in Naval Operations and Seamanship and Navigation.  After D passes all those things, it will be smooth sailing to graduation.  Next week, after the class before him graduates, he’ll be considered a candidate officer (or candio) which means a CELL PHONE!!! The candio phase is the leadership portion of OCS, he’ll spend a lot of time helping the new classes and he’ll have a job that he’s responsible for, but he’ll get to workout on his own time, eat on his own (and eat what he wants) and eventually get off base liberty – basically a lot more freedom.  I can’t believe that it’s coming NEXT WEEK!  I know this week will be super stressful for D, so extra prayers are appreciated.

As for me, I had an awesome week this last week visiting family in New Mexico!  I had such a great time hiking, swimming, and shopping with my sisters and a blast playing with my nieces and nephews.  I’m so grateful that they invited me, it was so nice to get away and I had such a great time!

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Here’s some pictures of D from his 6th week inspection.

It’s kind of sad when you start considering this a good picture of your husband – yes, that’s the top of his head coming out of the officer’s hat.10842197_767041586746584_5910313766313679909_o

And a portion of his face to the right of the hat this time haha!


Love this man.

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