Since the military LOVES acronyms and I don’t expect you all to learn another language, here’s a list of the acronyms I use in my posts as well as some common terms used in the navy.  I’ll try to keep it updated as I go along, but feel free to ask if something’s not listed and you’re confused!  I know I am half the time.

A-Pool – Pool of officers waiting to start API (see below)
API – Aviation Preflight Indoctrination – first phase of flight school, 6 weeks of intensive ground school before flying
Candio – Candidate Officer, the last phase of OCS
DI – Drill Instructor
IST – Initial strengths test
IFS – Introductory Flight Screening – training at a civilian school in a small airplane for those with little or no (airplane) flight experience
LO – loved one
OCS – Officer Candidate School (basically boot camp for officers)PFA – Physical Fitness Assessment
OTCN – Officer Training Command Newport (where OCS is located)
PCS – Permanent change of station (aka moving)
Primary – Primary Flight training – second phase of training after API – learning to fly T-6 texan planes before being assigned to a specific aircraft for advanced
PT – Physical training
RLP – Room, Locker, and Personnel (aka uniform) Inspection
Rolled – getting delayed at OCS to the next class (3 weeks)
RPT – Remedial physical training (aka lots of pushups when they mess up, also referred to as getting put on their faces)

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