About Us

We are a happily and crazily married couple living the navy flight school life in Meridian MS.  To protect our family, we affectionately refer to each other on here as “D” (that’s my amazingly awesome pilot husband) and “JJ” (that’s me, a marriage and family therapist with a slight obsession with donuts).  We met in our college years and are now the proud parents to three horses, two kitties and a very hyper and super sweet chocolate lab. We love to travel, eat delicious food, and watch lots of Netflix.  Some of the amazing things we’ve accomplished since we’ve been together include: earned multiple degrees, completed 8 different moves (including 3 cross-country), started (and restarted) a successful business, bought our first home, and learned to fly helicopters and planes.

This blog started out as a way to share our new adventures in the military with close friends and family, however I made this blog public in order to connect with other military families and share our experiences.  I was desperately searching for any information I could find when I found out D wanted to join the Navy (especially info about the elusive OCS) and I am so grateful to the blogs that are already out there!  I hope that this blog provides some helpful information or just helps other military families know they are not alone!  Feel free to send any questions or comments our way!

JJ by the numbers (as of 2015):


D by the numbers:


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