Hello again

Well its been awhile since my last post because of course, sometimes life just gets a bit too crazy to blog. There’s been lots of good and bad craziness these last few weeks, but probably most exciting of all was our spontaneous trip to London! D’s start date for Primary got pushed back a few weeks and somehow planning a little weekend trip to Atlanta or New Orleans quickly escalated out of control into a week in Europe. Not sure how it happened but I’m glad it did. It already seems like a lifetime ago that we went, but it was a pretty incredible trip. Ogling the crown jewels at the London tower, boat rides on the Thames, a tech rehearsal of Midsummer Night’s Dream at Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, a haunted house under the London bridge, window shopping through Notting Hill, many strolls through Hyde Park, changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, standing on top of lots of dead people at Westminster Abbey, and many attempts to find the Royal family (we succeeded in catching the princes in their helicopter!). I was really hoping for the Queen or Georgie Porgie. We ate a lot of delicious goodies of course including a plethora of french croissants, the most heavenly mash potatoes I’ve ever experienced, lots of Belgian waffles with gelato on top, some beef bourguignon that blew my own attempt at Julia child’s version waaaaay out of the water, and fish and chips from about 5 different places. And yes, we talked in a British accent a lot more than we should have. I kept saying we should stop, but it’s really hard not to do when you’re there.

And somehow, D has already been in Primary for a month! Primary is the first phase of actual flight training, not just ground school. He starts with ground classes and then does simulator flights before moving to actual flights in a T6 Texan. D is doing sims this week and unfortunately they’ve all been scheduled for late at night, which means I’ve reengaged in my addiction to Gilmore Girls and had little motivation to cook dinner (popcorn counts as dinner right?). It was definitely nice that his flight tonight was a little earlier so we had more than a half hour together. He doesn’t really know his schedule til the day before and its crazy to think about how unpredictable our lives are. We can’t really plan for two days from now, let alone further than that. (Hence the crazy trip to London when we had the chance). As a worrier, I actually don’t mind not being able to plan because it gives me an excuse to not worry in advance. I’m sure it drives some people nuts, and its definitely tough at moments, but I’m actually loving being forced to go with the flow. It can get a little annoying when other people don’t understand that though. (STOP asking me how long we’ll be in Pensacola 1. It’s not up to us. 2. I DON’T KNOW!!!) It is nice to have other military families who get it – we had a barbecue with some of our fellow military couples on Sunday and it just reminds me of how lucky we’ve been to have been so many places and meet so many awesome people even before this life and how many more awesome people we’ll get to meet in the future. It’s been a little over a year now that I’ve been a navy wife. I think I’ll compile some more thoughts on that later, but for now enjoy this glimpse into our whirlwind trip to *LONDON BABY!
*must be read with your best Joey Tribbiani impression