My favorite month.

It just goes that the more fun stuff we have to blog about, the less time I have to blog!  A late happy anniversary to this blog, its been a year since I started writing about all our new adventures.  This month has been busy busy busy but thankfully its been a good busy.  First of all, its my birthday month! Yes that’s right, I don’t just have a birth-day, it’s at least a month long celebration.  Especially this year because I turned the big 3-0. I definitely had some anxiety leading up to this one but now that I not only made it through, but thoroughly enjoyed it, I am totally fine with being done with my twenties.  My actual birthday was great, I went out to breakfast with my friend, spent the day at the beach (a first- yay for living in Florida!), got a massage, and then out to dinner with D.  (And watched 13 going on 30 for good measure).


So I told D I wanted to furnish our screened-in porch for my birthday.  The only thing I absolutely wanted in a house was a screened-in porch, since I felt it was un-Southern not to have one, but its been sitting bare since we moved in other than a few very uncomfortable wooden chairs.



I was happy to finally be able to enjoy some of our nice spring weather on the porch and wasn’t expecting anything on my birthday.  Needless to say I was very surprised to come home to this waiting for me:


That’s right, D surprised me with an Apple Watch! I’m still not quite sure I know how to use it, but I’ve been having lots of fun this week trying to figure it out. Now to get D one so we can send heartbeats to each other ❤

My friend also turned 30 this month so we celebrated this week with an 80s party at the roller rink.  I did not realize what a workout it would be! I was prepared, however, that I would be a hot mess trying not to fall, and I’m happy to say I only ate it three times, which I’m pretty sure is a record for me.  Besides the black bruise and rugburn on my knee makes me feel legit.  It was a blast.

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And in addition to all the birthday madness, D finished API this week!  Which means a few weeks ago he had his flight suit Friday, basically a little party at the O club (Officer’s club) on base to celebrate being done with academic tests and getting to wear their flight suits for the first time.  It was pouring torrential rains that day, so we took a few pics at the museum before rather than outside the club.  D has had a lot of fun since then doing survival training – experiencing hypoxia (supposedly monitored, eek!), ejection seat training, escaping from an upside down helicopter underwater – you know your typical stuff any pilot does right?  I’m so proud of him for the hard work he’s put in and excited for him to move on to the next step.  (Of course, we’re back to more waiting in between).  He checked in to Whiting Field in Milton and hopefully will find out next week when he’ll start primary flight training.  So excited for him to be up in the air again!



And here’s a ridiculous puppy portrait for your enjoyment in honor of his 8 month birthday.


Sometimes I wish states didn’t exist

Like when they have completely different requirements from licensure. MFT is a newer field, so there is no consistency state to state. Unfortunately the board in Florida made me take an extra graduate course to satisfy one of their requirements. They also told me this a week after fall semester started, so I had to wait until January to start the course (rather than taking it during the two months I had off before I started working again . . . grrr). But I’m DONE! I will say, it was pretty easy and not what I would consider graduate-level work except for this last week because I had to write my first paper in 4 years. I am happy to say I survived, everything is in and I just have to wait until next week to get my final grade. Hopefully that means very soon after, I can go back and change everything back to LMFT. I really miss that L.

Note for military spouses: This is definitely something you’ll experience again and again as you move around the world no matter what your field. Thankfully some states recognize this and have expedited processes or reduced fees for military spouses (yay for Florida, boo for Oregon). I have discovered, however, that you do have to do a bit of legwork to make that actually happen (Hint: Very BLUNT, semi-angry emails to the supervisors of supervisors seem to help to get the ball rolling). I also realized I should have looked into scholarships and grant money for spouses a lot sooner. I had to pay for my course before I did enough research, but most programs will only give you money in advance, rather than reimburse you.

D has two more tests left in API- eeek! We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that all continues to go as well as its been going so that we can celebrate (and just take a giant breather) this weekend. Any extra luck sent our way would be appreciated!

Stressed but thankful

So one of the joys of military life so far (please pick up on sarcastic tone here) is the back and forth between D working hard and hardly working.   There’s been a lot of waiting since we moved down to Pensacola, which in some ways was really nice, but its pretty tough to transition from doing practically nothing to working basically from waking up til going to sleep 7 days a week.  Since API started, D has been gone for about 10hrs a day for school and spends the rest of the nights and weekends studying at home or with his study group.  We do Friday date nights which helps, but its kind of hard going from probably spending too much time together to hardly spending time together at all.   D has been doing great on all his tests (he has two a week) but its pretty intense.  If he doesn’t get an 80 or above, then they have to roll back and join another class, which could mean several more weeks (sound familiar?).   And on top of the academics he’s had PT tests and swimming tests (including swimming a mile in a flight suit – eek!).  We’re both really hoping that he continues doing well so this craziness is as short as possible!  As for now, I’m spending lots and lots of time with this guy:


Last week was especially rough for me because we had another tornado on Tuesday.  If you haven’t heard about it, it was pretty bad – thankfully no one was killed or even seriously injured in our area, but there were a lot of homes and buildings destroyed.  (You can read more about it here.)  When I told D I had rescheduled my clients so I wouldn’t have to work that night, he didn’t even know what I was talking about because he was holed up in class all day.  He was way too stressed with studying to really care, while I was prepping food and water and trying to figure out how to keep us and our fur babies safe.  I finally convinced D to take shelter in our bathroom when the news said that a “deadly and dangerous tornado” was directly over our area of the city and the lights started flickering.  We stayed in there for about 15 minutes and when we came out, found that the tornado path and damage was only a mile from our house.  I felt so weird all week with how close it was.  How people’s lives were completely turned upside down just a mile from us, while we just went on with going to work (driving right by the damage) and living our normal life.  I know  with living in this area there will definitely be more crazy weather, but I really hope we don’t see worse than this.  We’re feeling very grateful to have been spared (again) from any damage.  I hope we can always remember how lucky we are in so many ways.

If you’d like to donate to help the families affected by the tornado you can go to