Did you get the David Bowie reference? Sad news this week with his passing, he’s always been one of my favorites (I actually quoted him in my high school graduation speech!)

Well this week started with a big change for us, the boundaries for our church ward were changed, meaning we got ousted and have to attend a new ward in a different building.  It’s not too big of deal since we hadn’t really gotten quite settled in to our last one, but it kind of sucks having to start all over again right when we were getting to know people.  They had a little get together after church today to meet people, but we didn’t stay too long because the honeybuns and cinnamon rolls and pecan rolls were taunting me (only 15 days til a donut!) Hopefully we can meet some new people next week, although at first glance it seems like there’s not too many in our age group :/  We’ll see!

In more exciting changes, D has finally completed IFS (Introductory Flight Screening).  It’s supposed to be a six week intro to flying where they have three weeks of ground school and lots of tests followed by three weeks of flights in a small airplane.  Well D started at the end of October and now, nearly 3 months later finally had his solo flight this week.  They train at civilian flight schools and the flight instructors schedule when the students are going to fly and for some reason they took FOREVER to schedule all of D’s flights.  (Okay, yes there were holidays and lots of bad weather days, but this definitely could have happened faster).  D would have 2-3 flights one week, then nothing for three weeks.  Doesn’t make sense to me but I’m glad he’s done and can go back to  . . .  waiting again.  Now he’s back to A-Pool, basically waiting to start flight school with the Navy.  He has to muster (check-in to base) in the mornings, do PT sometimes and gets odd jobs every once in awhile.  Anyway it was really fun to be able to watch him solo in an airplane earlier this week.  I remember watching his first solo in a helicopter 4 and a half years ago – I was much more nervous, I kept asking his instructor “are you sure he really knows how to fly this thing?”  This time around, after lots of good words from his different instructors and having flown with him myself, there was no worry, only a lot of excitement for D.   He LOVES flying, and it really is such a joy to watch him doing what he loves.  He even got a “good job” from the tower, which his instructor said hasn’t happened before.  He’s awesome.IMG_2586IMG_2593.jpg

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