We’re finally here!

We’ve actually been here for quite some time now.  Here meaning Pensacola, by the way.  After 13 days of traveling, first to a wedding and then the long drive with stops along the way to see family, we finally made it to Pensacola. Since D first decided he wanted to join the Navy, we knew we’d end up in Pensacola for training so we’ve pretty much known since last May that this is where we’d probably be living.  It’s weird to think that we’re finally here 18 months later.   We’ve done a little exploring around and lots of shopping for OUR HOUSE!  Yes, in case we haven’t had enough changes this year, we also became first time homeowners!  We are loving our new space (although I’m pretty sure we’d be happy in anything after a week of living in the Navy Lodge :/). We’ve also had more rain in the last two weeks than the entire three years in Portland, which has probably been good that its kept me inside working on unpacking rather than lazing it at the beach.

I am happy to be feeling a little more settled (though not totally there yet) and excited to get to know the people, places, and of course, food of Pensacola.  I’m even making headway with starting my private practice, which I’m super excited about.  I’m also hoping that now that we’re in one place (not 15 different states), I’ll be able to write more often.  Here’s a few pics from the trip and the last few weeks.

A few of the states we passed throughIMG_1710 In front of our new house!


Can’t believe how big our boy is getting!IMG_1518

All dressed up for BarktoberfestIMG_1488

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