Tomorrow, you’re only a day away

I can’t believe it, but it’s finally here!  I can barely focus on anything this week – it definitely feels like its been the longest one yet. I did get to see the BlueAngels lots these last few days, which was pretty awesome but made me miss D even more.  Luckily we’ll get to see their show a gazillion times while in Pensacola.  I could not be more excited to get on a plane tomorrow for graduation!  I’m grateful to everyone who’s supported us over the last few months – we are sooo excited to be reunited and I am so incredibly proud of D.  Next time I post, he will be an officer in the United States Navy!  Insane!!!!

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Happy birthday America!

The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays!  I love blueberry pancakes and waffles, parades, fireworks, and seeing everyone’s patriotism!  It has also been one of my favorite holidays to celebrate with D.  Our very first Independence day we camped out overnight for the parade, decorated our bikes with streamers, ate delicious food and watched the fireworks at Stadium of Fire from my friends roof. Oh yeah, and also said those three little (aka GINORMOUS) words for the first time.  I remember it as pretty much a perfect day.  I was not looking forward to spending our first Independence day apart, but I ended up having a great time celebrating with my parents!  We of course made tons of yummy food, went swimming, and played games.  We were bummed that their usual neighborhood firework show didn’t happen, but went searching and got to see a few simultaneous shows from a hill by their house.

D is having a great time so far working with the new indocs!  He was actually worried about having to be mean, but is kind of enjoying it! (I told him to get it out of his system before he comes home 🙂 ) This week they had their capstone, a day of leadership training.  D said they had to lead people through minefields, attempt to save a sinking ship, carry each other after they’d been “killed,”  and jump off the high dive and swim around in the dark with smoke and make sure everyone was accounted for.  I’m sure his description sounded a lot cooler than my recap version, but he did say it was lots of fun and you can see below the smiles on everyone’s faces during their victory run!

My favorite part of this week has been getting to talk on the phone and text every day, we even got to FaceTime on Sunday!  It feels so nice to be able to be a more regular part of each other’s days again.  I can’t believe how close we are to graduation, we are SOOOO excited to see each other in 2 weeks!

Here’s my 4th of July pics through the years!  Unfortunately I didn’t take one in 2012.10330470_10101486151966519_8694633699054602311_nFullSizeRender-9FullSizeRender-8FullSizeRender-7 IMG_7143

In case your bored on these hot summer days,  I thought I’d let you find D in this weeks pics! 11217983_777133465737396_6864713020768040305_o 11708006_777133572404052_5285577622840121396_o 11722308_777133669070709_8345573617894858590_o