Smooth sailing (pun intended) from now on

D has passed all of his tests and inspections and will become a candidate officer this week!  We kept laughing every time he took a test or quiz because he got a score of 90 on every single one right up until his last test, where he rocked it with a 98.  We are soooo excited to be so close!!!  This week will be pretty chill for D, he has a CPR class today and a few briefs, Wednesday they have a capstone class and they have Friday off for the holiday.  After his capstone, he’ll be a Candio meaning he gets his phone back, can eat when and what he wants, can do PT on his own, gets some on base and off base liberty, and (he’s super excited about this) gets to drive people to med appointments in an awesome minivan on Thursday lol.  They get assigned a new job for Candio phase and D was assigned to indoc staff, meaning next week they’ll be helping (aka lots of yelling at) the newest indoctrination class with all of their tests and inspections and events.  He’ll be pretty busy at least that first week but have much more freedom.   I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am.  Yesterday I ended up on Pinterest looking at pictures and videos from military homecomings and bawled like a baby. (Don’t worry I was also productive, I’m super stoked I was finally able to book a hotel on base, saving us about $500).  We’ve had another crazy heat wave here and I’ve been working hard not to melt in my apartment!  I love having a pool again, although I’m a ‘if I go to the pool I want to be there all day’ type of person so I haven’t gone as much as I should with this heat.  I told D I want to be tan when I see him, but he said only if I can match the crazy farmer’s tan he’ll have from his uniforms.  I can’t believe we get to see each other so soon!

These are the packages I sent to D, their a tradition called Candio boxes, he gets to open them on Wednesday! They were full of lots of his favorite candies, snacks, chapstick, gum, magazines, homemade cookies, and of course a tiny Navy Hot Wings plane (and per request, Top Gun).

FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-6

Here’s their final PT test, D maxed on his situps and pushups and got an outstanding on his run.  Next week he’ll be helping out like the ones in the green and red shirts.10982250_773938686056874_3343869783337025046_o

D is standing in the back line, second from the right11700680_773938666056876_7087954093672569569_o D is in the furthest line to the right, fourth from the back.  Oh and his roommate is behind the middle guy holding the two fingers up!11334162_773938542723555_2350707973979315950_o

At least I get to see half his face in uniform –  kinda looks like he’s sleeping in this one.


He’s not in this one, but here they are all lined up for their inspection.  They actually have one more inspection for their dress whites, but they perform it on each other and it’s not a rollable event.11225423_773938936056849_7599956324362540309_o

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