Drill Competition

Here’s some pics from D’s drill competition last week – they scored a 91, which is the highest score they’ve had at OCS in over a year!  They earned a streamer, meaning they need three more to become an honor class.  D was soooooo excited to be done with drill and turn in his rifle.  This week they have another inspection (not as crazy as 3rd week RLP, but still another checkpoint to pass) and two more finals. We are so close to being halfway done!

D is 7th from the left in the front row11406279_764100987040644_6178121625351042978_o

3rd from the left – D hated being in the front row but it made it great for pictures!10003662_764100810373995_5483582381989830485_o

D is just to the right of the drill instructor facing the camera10495065_764100763707333_1845548743153949383_o

7th from the front on the right11406166_764100937040649_6173676872432172721_o

You can see half his face in this one – when you haven’t seen you’re husband in 38 days half a face is AWESOME!11406690_764100967040646_5152479997968736491_o

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