1/3 of the way there!

This Sunday marked a third of the way through training (as well as the longest D and I have ever been apart since we first met).  Last week D’s learned how to fight fires, repair a sinking ship, and scored a 90 on his weapons and engineering final.  They also had another strengths test – D improved his scores, but he was already at the level he needs to be on his final strengths test so no worries there.  His days now consist mostly of attempting to stay awake in class and doing lots of rifle drill (as well as RPT when they screw up).  They had a room inspection last week and he and his roommate were the only ones that passed (he attributed the success to his roommates cleaning skills), but another one this week where he said their bed folds did them in.  These room checks are basically just another chance for them to get RPT’d.  D is super excited for their drill competition this Thursday, only for the fact that after its over they’ll be done with rifle drill.  They don’t actually compete against anyone, they just get scored but if they do well they can get a “streamer” and if they collect enough they’ll be considered an honor class.  They already earned one from their RLP inspection.  He also started his Naval Orientation and Warfare class and Naval History Class.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall in his orientation class because it’s all stuff I need to know too! Speaking of insects,  D shared this story with me:

“We were doing drill and then all of a sudden a bunch of people starting showing up from other classes, other staff, and just a bunch of other people. One of the class chiefs got a promotion to senior chief and they were doing the ceremony, so we all formed up and the short ceremony started. We were standing at attention with our rifles when I felt something crawling on my neck. It wasn’t big, but it was there and I knew it. Of course, here comes this little spider crawling across my face and onto my nose and then just wanders around there for a bit. Of course this was emcompassing all of my attention and he was not in a spot where I could get him off without moving or making a bunch of noise right in the middle of this ceremony. If I had moved, I would have been RPT’d for days……. so I didn’t. For about five minutes this little spider just crawled around in different directions all over my face; forehead, nose, cheeks, everywhere. Then finally he went on my upper lip and I blew him off with a short but stout gust of wind, and gone was the spider.”

I’m pretty sure I don’t have enough self-discipline to have survived this scenario haha.  As for me I’ve been enjoying pool season (minus our first few gloomy days of June), doing lots of yoga, attempting to paint, and working a lot.  Well here’s some pics of D from last week, I’m getting pretty good at finding his head shape amidst the clones.  (Oh and I’ve also added a page of acronyms in the main menu in case my posts ever get confusing!)

The first pictures are from their PFA.  There’s my little runner again! (Second from the left in this one)


D’s in the center with the big pole behind him.11206773_760677640716312_6574126060731148594_o

Pretty sure that’s D’s head doing pushups on the left10012033_760677410716335_1517019389659779167_o

D is doing sit-ups, 7th from the left


D’s in the front doing sit-ups11059436_760677440716332_5613248850517530429_o

That’s D in the middle11111916_760677860716290_3890506990256760245_o

The rest are just his class, repairing ships and fighting fires11063802_760677754049634_259769896055944557_o




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