Week 2 down, please pass any good luck our way!

This last week has been mostly more of the same for D, a LOT of rifle drill, which he’s enjoying but says its tough because he’s in the front row so his drill instructor sees every single teeny mistake he makes.  He also had a swim test where they have to swim 50 yrds, jump off a 20 ft platform, do a deadman’s float for 5 minutes and make a flotation device out of their uniforms.  Not a big deal for D, and everyone in their class passed – they said this is the first class in awhile that they’ve all passed!  They also had “fast cruise friday” where they wake them up early, make them run around in their uniforms with their seabags and do a lot of exercises.  Most of the pictures below are from those two things (unfortunately couldn’t find D in any of the ones they posted this week 😦 )

11009186_753768534740556_4099541615302896565_o 10854189_753768804740529_8874788241846772530_o 11169601_753768721407204_927942898355887418_o 11114778_753768838073859_472469476504764188_o 11040516_753768744740535_7196990445130100690_o 11141113_753768621407214_6388833827518897852_o

D is excited about starting his Academic classes this week, but he has RLP (Room, Locker, and Personnel Inspection) this Thursday, which means every spare moment (which aren’t that many) will be spent in preparation folding, ironing, stamping their name on everything, removing strings from uniforms, and memorizing gouge. Everything in D’s room, rifle, and on his uniforms has to be perfectly placed and measured, and every speck of lint removed.  Their DI inspects everything while making them do lots of push-ups and recite the information they’ve been memorizing. This is one of the toughest inspections of OCS and a point where a lot of candidates get rolled back to the next class.  If they don’t pass they get a chance to do a re-inspect the next morning, if they don’t pass that than its 3 more weeks (trying not to think about this.)  If they pass they’ll likely get access to email and phone privileges woohoo!  Any and all extra prayers would be greatly appreciated to get D through this!

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