This week sucks . . . and ROCKS!

So lots of people were telling me the first week would be the hardest, but I could tell pretty soon after saying goodbye to D that the second week was going to be much harder for me.  It’s been a year since we decided we would be joining the Navy, a long year of tests, prep, waiting, more tests, more prep, more waiting.  So there was a very distinct sense of relief (amidst the fear and sadness) when D finally got there.  We’d also spent a lot of time together the month before and so last week was fun enjoying lots of girlie things and stuff I don’t normally do while D’s around (aka take lots of bubble baths, go to yoga classes and hang out with awesome girlfriends, eat nothing but pasta and parmesan for dinner).  This week however I knew it was coming – that physical ache in my chest of missing my sweetheart.  (Okay since my Mom is probably reading this I have to stop and reassure her- I’m not crying in the bathtub, I am eating vegetables on occasion, and I’m not watching Gilmore Girls in my pajamas with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s.  I’m totally fine.  But thank you for inviting me to the movies.  It helped.)

But besides the weight of missing D, I have also had blips of pure joy – first getting to see pictures on Monday and then yesterday I got home to find my first letter!!! It was very short half sentences of what he did the first few days – pretty on target with what we were told from the survival guide – getting his gear, haircut, lots of briefs, learning procedures for standing at attention, the chow hall, medical tests, paperwork.  D passed his IST (which I assumed since I hadn’t heard anything) but his roommate didn’t and got rolled back to the next class.  For some reason things are much funnier written in these very brief disjointed semi-sentences.  My absolute favorite line from his letter was this:

“Overall having fun but still have elevated blood pressure.”

I don’t know why I cannot stop cracking up at that.  I also got a short email this morning  saying that it continues to be very very very hard and he’s very very very tired, but all is well.  D now is in the Officer Candidate Phase of OCT, which will last until the last few weeks when he becomes a Candidate Officer.  This phase focuses on physical training, drill, inspections, and academics.  D should be having a swim test sometime this week as well.  The inspections are a beast of their own,  I’ll maybe post more about them next week.  The academic courses that D will take in the next 7 weeks are Sea Power Naval History, Naval Orientation and Warfare, Engineering/Weapons, Naval Operations and Seamanship, and Navigation.  Next Thursday he has his RLP (room, locker, and personnel inspection aka point where a lot of candidates roll) and after that he may have access to email again.  I think even better than getting a letter from him was finding out this morning in the email that they finally received mail!  I’m not sure how often they give it to them, so he said he only opened one of my letters to spread out the encouragement.  Lots of up and downs emotionally this week, but I’m not at all worried about D (or me).  We’re both much stronger than we sometimes think we are.

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