5 days down, 77 to go.


Tomorrow marks 5 years since my first date with D.  I’m pretty sure since that day we haven’t gone more than 2 days without talking to each other, and that was probably only the first week we dated. I’ve been keeping myself busy with lots of yoga, planting flowers and herbs, running errands, and working. I’m really grateful for good friends (and a mama) to keep me company. As well as the Gilmore Girls. They provide the only noise in my house, as neither of my cats has a normal meow.  Writing letters to D has helped keep me feeling close to him, even though I know he probably hasn’t gotten any mail yet. It’s also been really awesome to connect with the other wives/girlfriends of D’s classmates through Facebook, I’m already very excited to meet them at D’s graduation.

D’s last few days have (as far as I know) consisted of medical exams, paperwork, and studying “gouge” aka stuff that he has to know. There’s a lot of information they have to memorize that they’ll be quizzed on incessantly by their drill instructors. It includes things such as chain of command, codes of conduct, all the ranks of marine corps and navy, and the lyrics to Anchors Aweigh. D’s been studying for awhile now but it is A LOT of information that he has to be able to recall under high stress. Yesterday D was supposed to have his IST – initial strengths test. There are minimums that candidates must meet in sit-ups, push-ups, and running. If they don’t pass, they will be “rolled” into the next class, meaning they’re delayed another three weeks. There are several different checkpoints that if you don’t pass can get you rolled back, as well as things like getting injured. Really hoping this is not something that we have to deal with. I’m not too worried about the strengths test, D was doing fine before he left but he also didn’t have people screaming and yelling in his face while doing it. Tomorrow is what they call Welcome Aboard. Here is the description from D’s survival guide.
“Starting at 0430, your DI will meet you in your new home, help you pack your seabag, and show you around the regiment. It takes about 10-30 minutes complete the tour and is pretty much a non-stop, rip-roaringly fun exercise extravaganza complete with 8-count body builders, push-ups, flutter kicks, lunges, six-nineties, and just about every other tool that the DIs have at their disposal. Oh yes, it will be fun.” Sense the sarcasm. Tomorrow is supposed to be an overload of D’s drill instructor and having to do pushups until he “hits the deck.”  D will also be issued his first uniforms (please don’t ask me how much they cost unless you want my blood pressure to rise).

Hopefully D was able to make arrangements to get to church on Sunday as it’s one of his few chances to relax.  There’s a very slight slight slight chance I could get a phone call this weekend, but I’m not holding on to any hope.  D’s recruiter told me to plan on it being like he’s in Africa for three months.  Except I’d probably have more contact if he was in Africa.   Anyway, I’m just planning to not hear from him at all, that way anything will be a nice pleasant surprise.

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